About The Author

Lilli Blackmore produced her first work, "The Vampire-Ghost Rabbit" at the age of three, via dictation. Seventeen years later she attended Catawba College, where she worked as editor of the school's poetry, art, and prose publication, The Arrowhead. While at Catawba, she was inducted into the Sigma Tau Delta honor society for English majors, and received the Frances Decker-Wentz award for library service. As an undergraduate she also wrote several articles for the city's local newspaper. She graduated in 2009.

Since that time, she started the shadow puppet web comic Love Song, and launched the website The American Spinster. You can support her writing and artwork via her Patreon page.

While still in her senior year at college, Lilli created We Are Seven, the umbrella studio under which all of her projects, literary or otherwise, would gather. At the moment, We Are Seven is still a one-woman show, but she has ambitious, if long-term, plans. "That's the general dream of every artist, isn't it? To be able to quit the day job and actually live off of the work you have a passion for." She adds, "I have a lot of projects I want to see come to life in the coming years, and some of them are too big one person to do alone."

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